Case Studies

Julia & St Augustine Hotel

Purchase of two Hotels in South Beach Miami, renovate, re-brand then Lease out Space for AirBNB Concept property

Purchase of two exisiting buildings in 2016

Renovated both buildings, reoopened as boutique properties in haeart of “South of Fifth” neighbourhood of Miami Beach.

Operate both hotels at Cash Positve revenue for 3 years capitalozing on upscale 3 Star heighbourhood hotels, alternative to hussel and bussel of Ocean Drive

Closed Properteis in 2020 due to Covid, but leased both buildings to AirBNB concept business patner. Maintained ownership of buildings, dropped all liability of operating hotel proeprty and still own physical asset in Miami Beach

Work closely with Asset Leasor on AirBNB business (Airbnb Hotel) concept and utilized same sturcture on Current owned assets in Key West and Bahamas

Alden Hotel

Dissolution of Fractured Condo Hotel

Purchased 71 of the units in 2018 for $17.2M in block purchase, with planned goal of turning property in to a Hotel.

Over next 12 months purchased ## more of the units in the building, and took over the condo association.

in 2019, as majority unit owner, disolved the “Condo Association” and began initial process for converting propety into a Miami Beach hotel.

in Late 2019, and large developer initiated discussion to purchase the property from SMS for a larger project. SMS sold the property for $21.3M aprox 18 months after initial purchase.

Kahari Resort

Reposition and Launch previously unknown 4 Star hotel property Pre-Covid and establish Branding, Operations and

Took over management in Nov 2019 for new ownership group, on 1 year contract
Renamed and Rebranded resort with GDS and Luxury Travel Orgnizations

Structured all H.R. Operations, Marketing, Finance and Procurment and I.T. for ownership
Maintained functioning operations, in Bahamas, through Covid in 2020

Ended 1 year agreement (after 14 months) and handed property management back to ownership
Resort established highest ADR and Highest Operating profit since openned.

Best Western

Contracted in 2008 by property Ownership

SMS Lodging was engaged to develope and manage a Turn-Around plan for this 150 room Best Western Property. The property was about to lose its, very critical, Flag with the Best Western Hotel Group. Losing the flag would have been very detrimental to the property revenues and resale value.

SMS developed a Renovation & Management plan for the location, travelled to the Best Western Headquaters to meet with the Board of Directors and obtain an “grace period” for maintaing the property flag.

Over the next 6 months, with SMS oversight, the property renovated the property, re-developed operational management standards and maximized Revenue Management policies in line with BW resulting in the location maintaining its Best Western Flag.

Ownerships goal was to sell the property, which happened in August 2009 to Motel 6. SMS work on the property was instramental in the ownership keeping the BW flag maintiing the property value for re-sale.

The Paradise Inn

February 2011 – Purchased a 18 room all-suite for $4,345,000.

Property recieved a Refurbishment in 2015 and increased unit size to 21 units with additional “Cottage” units added to the property. With updated room product, the property maintains a 103 STR rating to the Comp Set in Key West.

In November 2019 SMS refinanced the property, and paid back all the capital invested to investors. Latest Appraisal valued the property in $9,600,000, an appreciation of more than 120% in 10 years.
The property achieved $2.2mm in Revenue in 2019 and with Key West consistantly being a high demand market in the U.S. achieved $1.3mm in Revenue in first half of 2021 without any traditional International Travel entering the U.S. hospitality market.

SOBE Hostel

Successful Renovation, Rejuvination and Repositioning of hotel

Purchased Underperfoming asset in 2008 for $3.45M in 2008

After taking over asset SMS planned and execuxted a $500K renovation of the property to update and modernize the asset for the Miami Beach market.

Property renovations were completed, while still operating the asset, to maximize Revenue during the renovation period.

Asset was re-evaluated for visability post renovation, targeting international Hostel traveller to maximize draw of location and asset

The Julia

Rejuvenating a 30-Room Art Deco Boutique Hotel on South Beach

SMS Lodging acquired this Art Deco boutique hotel, formerly named “Hotel Lido,” in March 2015.

This historic building, constructed in 1932, is located in the SOFI (South of Fifth) neighborhood in Miami Beach, FL. The property experienced a complete renovation and finally opened in summer 2017 under the name: The Julia Hotel – named after the founding mother of Miami, Julia Tuttle.