About SMS Lodging

Founded in 2010, SMS Lodging’s mission is to effectively deploy capital within the hotel industry by securing underperforming assets and bringing them to profitability. Having doubled in size every year over the last five years, we continue to look for new opportunities within a range of properties, from full-service boutiques to limited-service hotels, in order to produce optimal returns for our partners.

Our proven, hands-on approach ensures maximized profitability and efficiency. Our core expertise is recognizing ideal opportunities within the following types of properties:

  • Hotels with absentee owners
  • Underperforming hotel assets
  • Properties with owners where hotel management is outside their core competency
  • Hotels for sale where cash flow optimization results in a higher sales price
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Effective and functional approches

With our years of experrience in Commercial and Hospitality Real Estate, we are well positioned to engage in Investment & Ownership, Management or Project Consulting within the Hospitality landscape. Effective and functional approches to Construction managment with a strait forward approach to operations.

Our Centralized Property Management Services reduce costs and increase revenues for properties, without the high fees & Supply requirements of the standard big flag organizations, while still allowing the ownership group to maintain the Vision for their own property.

SMS lodging

SMS Lodging currently owns several assets in Key West and Miami Florida and Exuma Bahamas as well as managing other Hotel and AirBNB assets in various locations in U.S. and Bahamas. Our Management processes and efforts come from extensive years in the industry, and we apply all our expertise to the managed assets that we apply to our owned assets.