Planning Management

Capitol Budgeting

  • Planning services for new asset openings or existing assets being renovated, relaunched with re-branding.

Operational Expenses

  • Planning stage or currently operating property.
  • Scaled for client’s specific needs based on aspects of developing or future project or full servicing of operating property.
  • Specialized planning for downturn strategies.

Maintenance – “Cap Ex and Preventative”

  • Project planning and execution of soft renovations or full remodel of asset
  • Physical structure or asset expansion construction assessment
  • Sourcing and project management of construction
  • Procurement and Shipping

Marketing Expenses – Pre-Opening and Current Operational

  • Comprehensive Budget Planning based on Class and Style of Asset
  • Yearly Budgeting and Execution of existing asset budget
  • Strategy Planning for planned Asset Repositioning
  • Brand and Independent Marketing Planning
SMS lodging Planning management SMS lodging Planning management

Marketing & Revenue Management

Property Marketing

  • Paid Media Placement
  • Website Design / Review
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Review Management
  • Website Optimization
  • Email Marketing and Creation
  • Package and Promotion Efforts

Brand Affiliation

  • Contrat Negotiations
  • Brand Marketing Management
  • Brand Sales Affiliation Marketing
  • Consortia / Travel Agency / Consortia management
    • Group Sales Management
    • Membership Rewards Management & Redemption
  • Revenue Management
    • Channel Management
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Booking Engine Management
    • PMS Management & Maximization
    • OTA Contract Assesment and Management
    • Forecasting & Comp-Set Intelligence Reporting
SMS lodging Marketing & Revenue management SMS lodging Marketing & Revenue management


Marketing Expenses – Pre-Opening and Current Operational

  • Comprehensive Budget Planning based on Class and Style of Asset
  • Yearly Budgeting and Execution of existing asset budget
  • Strategy Planning for planned Asset Repositioning
  • Brand and Independent Marketing Planning

Talent and Recruitment

  • Management Search / Hiring for Asset Leadership positions.
  • Hiring and On Boarding for Assets.
  • Sourcing and contracting for Temporary / Seasonal / Out-Sourced Labor.
  • Training for all Departments

Guest Experience

  • Training On-Site Operational Team
  • Reputation Management
  • Guest Satisfaction Survey


  • Employee Benefit Packages for Owned and Managed Hotels
  • Training for H.R. teams of Managed Hotels
  • H.R. Services review.

Information Technology

  • Current System Review
  • Procurement of Systems
  • Third Party Management & Regulatory requirement management (PCI, ADA, GDPR)
  • Managing through your preferred Digital Marketing Partner.
  • ECommerce and Digital Marketing
  • Website Development and Optimization
SMS lodging operations SMS lodging operations

Investment & Operational Financial Services

Investment Opportunities

  • Feasibility Studies for new projects
  • Portfolio of Investors engaged in current assets and available for investment in new assets.
  • Experience in International destinations for Investment
  • Diverse portfolio of assets under SMS including Limited-Service Hotels Owned, Full-Service Hotels Managed, Consulting projects for underperforming assets and Assets purchased for Airbnb model use.

Financial Reporting

  • Monthly Statements
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Balance Sheets
  • Income Verification
  • General Ledger Reporting – Ownership and Investor

Payroll and Vendor Billing

  • Cash and Credit Processing
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
SMS lodging Investment & Operational Financial Services SMS lodging Investment & Operational Financial Services

Specialized Services

Closed Project Management

  • Property management while asset is closed during transition or up for sale.
  • Security Contracting
  • Sustainable Maintenace Contracting.
  • I.T. Support for needed Functioning systems.

Brand Transition Services

  • Support with Sales/Marketing/I.T. during process of transition
  • Connectivity and Website Support Pre-Post transition
  • Sales Connectivity and Training for On-Site team for Transition

Short and Mid Term length Management Contracts

  • Existing hotel with immediate Exit from Brand needing Management support.
  • Project Management for Hotel Renovations or Construction Remodel planning and oversight.
  • Procurement Services for Hotel Products, Services or Labor
  • Planning Services for Hotel Investment in International destination.
  • Financial
  • Procurement
  • Shipping Regulations
  • H.R. Regulations and Hiring Requirements
SMS lodging Specialized services SMS lodging Specialized services

Seamless Transitions Managed by Experts

Making a change often requires a leap of faith. We ensure a seamless transition that prioritizes each project’s needs, from evaluating current staff members to assessing rate positioning to optimizing digital assets. Our proven, hands-on approach ensures maximized profitability and efficiency. Our core expertise is recognizing ideal opportunities within the following types of
• Hotels with absentee owners
• Underperforming hotel assets
• Properties with owners where hotel management is outside their core competency
• Hotels for sale where cash flow optimization results in a higher sales price