Jesper Arnoldsson, CEO

Prior to founding SMS Lodging, Jesper served as the Director of Entertainment / Revenue Management of the Venetian Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. He received his Master’s in Business Administration in International Hospitality Management from the Cornell University ESSEC Graduate School of Management.

Jesper has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality field having worked in the hotel, resort, cruise, and casino sectors in six countries on three continents. His experience includes working with such companies as OMNI Hotels, Meridien Hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Best Western, Club Med North America, and HVS International.

Jesper also served as a speaker at the National Conference of the International Ticketing Association (panel: Dynamic Pricing, Yield Management, Internet Revolution) and the Ticket Summit Conference (panel: Build a Bundle – Tour & Travel Package Providers).