Our Expertise

Founded in 2010, SMS Lodging has had significant success in owning and managing hotels across the world. Our strategic approach has helped several properties to streamline operations, track and minimize expenditure and increase revenue. Within the South Florida market alone, our properties, totaling just over 200 rooms, produce annual revenues of more than $10 million.

Revenue Management

Maximizing RevPAR through effective management
and focused strategy

With an estimated 75% of hotel rooms worldwide being booked electronically, your online presence and pricing is crucial to ensuring that you sell the largest number of rooms possible, every night, for the highest price. Our approach is to maximize your hotel’s RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) through our proven revenue management / distribution strategies.

We work with your existing property management systems and reservation networks to focus on three principal areas:

  • • Pricing Strategy
  • • Inventory Management
  • • Online Distribution / Channel Management

Operational Costs Minimization

Minimize operational costs while exceeding
guest expectations

Effective financial and operational controls can be challenging for small- to mid-size standalone hotel properties. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and cost management systems to positively impact the bottom line without affecting service expectations for guests.

One of the largest operating costs for hotels, payroll, is an integral opportunity to impact the bottom line. SMS Lodging minimizes this cost for our clients in two ways:

  1. 1) Scheduling optimization and tracking/reporting of departmental hours.

  2. 2) By spreading staff and tasks across several of the properties we manage, we are able to achieve economies of scale that is not possible for stand-alone properties.

Purchasing also often represents an opportunity for improvement in independent hotels due to the time-consuming process of comparing prices and suppliers. With our existing supply chain network, we simplify the process for our clients by buying needed products and supplies at the most effective price while also ensuring those products meet the guest expectations of an individual hotel.

Property Costs Minimization

The expertise required to first understand then
efficiently minimize property

Property costs related to the real estate and physical plant of a hotel can be substantial. Yet, there is often significant room to reduce these costs within a 12-month period. With more than 14 years experience in managing hotels and other commercial properties in South Florida, our staff have built up an expertise in consistently analyzing and minimizing property costs:

  • • Utilities
  • • Real Estate Taxes
  • • Insurance
  • • Physical preventative maintenance and repairs

Our Properties